Toyota Sneakily Teases The GR Corolla Hot Hatch

Toyota’s latest sneaky teaser basically confirms that a GR Corolla is on its way

When the Toyota GR Yaris was unveiled, the hype surrounding the tiny hot hatch was extremely high, to say the least. However, it was never meant to reach the North American market, which disappointed a lot of enthusiasts. It seems there’s no need to be jealous anymore as Toyota sneakily teases the GR Corolla.

Toyota USA’s latest Instagram post, which consists of a Corolla hatch in a container yard, gives us plenty of not-so-subtle hints of the upcoming GR Corolla. The most obvious one by far is a Corolla wearing the signature Gazoo Racing camouflage with "GR-Four" written on its side.


And if that’s not enough, there’s a series of letters, numbers, and words written on the red container on the upper left of the blue Corolla hatch. It may seem random at first, but it says "NA G16 GR FOUR", which will sound familiar if you know the specs of the GR Yaris.

Toyota Sneakily Teases The GR Corolla Hot Hatch
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Toyota USA released a photo on its Instagram account that gives a few not-so-subtle hints about the upcoming GR Corolla

We’re not quite sure what NA means, though naturally-aspirated probably isn’t one of them. It could possibly mean North America because G16 pertains to the G16E-GTS 1.6-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine that powers the GR Yaris, which is turbocharged and not naturally aspirated.

Lastly, GR-Four pertains to the hot hatch’s amazing all-wheel drive (AWD) system, which has the ability to vary torque from a front-biased 60:40 split to a rear-biased 30:70 split front-to-rear. When fitted with the optional Torsen limited-slip differential (LSD) as part of an optional Circuit Pack for the GR Yaris, power can be shuffled left-to-right, depending on the speed and road conditions.


This latest teaser follows another teaser that came out just a month ago, showcasing the interior of a normal Corolla hatch, but with also a few easter eggs that are easier to miss.

Toyota Sneakily Teases The GR Corolla Hot Hatch
- image 1038156
This comes just a month after Toyota USA released an interior shot of a Corolla which also showed a few, subtler easter eggs compared to the more recent photo

The clock on the digital gauge reads "G:16", which again indicates the engine. In the navigation screen, one of the roads says "GR-Four", which, again, refers to the hot hatch’s AWD system. The dual-zone climate control displays the numbers 2 and 68, which potentially highlights the engine’s 268 horses. Lastly, you can see a blurry shot hatch barrelling down the dirt road, which looks like the upcoming GR Corolla.

Toyota Sneakily Teases The GR Corolla Hot Hatch
- image 826120
Swipe up in order to decipher these hints that point towards Toyota’s upcoming hot hatch

This string of teasers definitely means one thing—the GR Corolla is coming. The only question now is, when, and will it adopt the exact same setup as the GR Yaris? These teasers seem to indicate that it will be the case. Regardless, at least North America is finally getting a Toyota Gazoo Racing hot hatch in a larger and more practical package than the three-door-only GR Yaris.

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