In the land of Hollywood comes another car crash with yet another inattentive driver behind the wheel thinking that just because he’s got a high-powered sports car, it gives him free reign to exercise his need for speed.

A fourth-generation Toyota Supra lost control in Southern California after the driver of the car somehow veered away from the road and launched itself into a sidewalk where it smashed front-first onto a pole before nestling snugly on a patch of grass.

There’s not much else we know about the crash except that the damage to the Supra wasn’t as bad as it should have been, which is great news considering steel poles aren’t exactly the cushiest things to hit your car on.


Source: Motive Mag

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  (815) posted on 01.25.2010

@Pepe_Smith: IMO it’s not a break failure or something that may accuse Toyota’s responsibility. It’s the driver’s fault! He should be more careful.

  (815) posted on 01.25.2010

reckless and drunk drivers, should not handle supercars they risk their lives and other unsuspecting bystanders.

Uncia  (868) posted on 01.24.2010

Toyota doesn’t have a problem with brake failure, the all-weather floor mat pin design in some Toyotas, namely the Lexus ES 350, causes the gas pedal to get stuck between the mat and the floor. The Supra - the only tubocharged vehicle in history to recieve a perfect 10 consumer reliability rating - doesn’t have that problem.

Uncia  (570) posted on 01.24.2010

A Toyota car? I guess it’s another brake failure. I just can’t get over an article I have read saying, Toyota cars have problems with their brakes and they were all pulled out in the market.

Uncia  (868) posted on 01.21.2010

I still don’t think that he was going that fast; had he been going faster, the damage would have been worse, and unless the road was wet it is quite difficult for even an ametuer driver to loose control in this car. Even if you do break the rear end loose, the steering is so quick and the suspension so well-tuned that anyone could quickly correct their driving mistake. There’s a reason why you see so many less Supras crashing than other high-end sportscars; it’s not like people don’t race these as much as anything else, but that they have unbelievable control.

Uncia  (1333) posted on 01.20.2010

^Yup good thing that isn’t that bad, IMO he’s driving fast, owning a high-powered car is very tempting to drive fast. maybe he’s on the stage of tempting and he tried to unleashed his thirst for speed and turn up sliding through the grassy portion of the road.

Uncia  (868) posted on 01.20.2010

No!!!!!!!!!!! Well at least the damage wasn’t that bad. The driver probably wasn’t going very fast; probably lost control because it’s been raining a lot. Trust me, it may be arguably the best overall handling car ever on a dry track, but the moment the ground gets wet you feel like you’re in a Hemi Cuda through a slalom.

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