Toyota Supra Successor May Feature 400-Horsepower Hybrid Powerplant

2007 Toyota FT-HS
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When it comes to the possible Toyota Supra successor, we have heard all kinds of rumors, including the possibility that it may be all-electric. Now, MotorTrend magazine has some different rumors for us: they suggest that the new Supra will be in fact a hybrid sports coupe.

The new Supra may be the result of the new cooperation between Toyota and BMW, and will be built on the Toyota GT86 platform which could also be used for the BMW Z4 successor. While the GT86 uses a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, the new Supra could use a turbocharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder hybrid engine with an output of about 400 horsepower, while a 3.5-liter V-6 hybrid powertrain is still a possibility.

On the exterior, the new Toyota Supra will be inspired by the FT-HS hybrid concept car unveiled at the 2007 Detroit auto show.

The new Supra is expected to be unveiled late in 2017, and a first concept version may be announced this year at the Tokyo Motor Show.


Source: MotorTrend

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  (548) posted on 04.16.2013

I really hybrid cars because it is environment-friendly features. I just hope that the Toyota Supra will be successful in making the 400-Horsepower Hybrid Powerplant a reality. I guess the new Toyota Supra will look cool.

  (305) posted on 03.8.2013

So far, it sounds really great, but I think that until 2017, there are going to appear many other more powerful it might loose some of its value..

  (312) posted on 03.8.2013

Wow, I can’t stop wishing to test this brillinat car! It seems to be really great!It has the looks, and it is definitely going to have the power, also!!

  (302) posted on 03.8.2013

Toyota never managed to impress me, but with this car, the situation has turned 180 degrees! Great design and great power!!

  (422) posted on 03.8.2013

This toyota is a hell of a car already, which this extra power, it’s going to be a monster!smileya monster of the roads..

  (452) posted on 02.12.2013

Some more power added to the engine would make this the best car!

  (475) posted on 02.12.2013

All electric?That’s something good.If it is not going to be very expensive, I might get one for me

  (509) posted on 02.12.2013

Yeah...until this Toyota is going to make its apparition, I’m pretty sure that many other cars will surclass it

  (542) posted on 02.12.2013

Until 2017 we have to wait to hear some more about it?Or even see it?Get real guys, till then there are going to appear lots of other better cars, that’s for sure

  (516) posted on 02.12.2013

Wow, is this something of a car from the future?Great design, this white color makes it look very pure

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