• Toyota To Kill Four-Cylinder 4Runner

Motor Trend is reporting that sources within Toyota have said that the four-cylinder version of the 4Runner is being discontinued after just one year. The smaller engine model hasn’t sold well at all, as the V6 model has accounted for over 90 percent of sales.

Part of the reason for this was that the smaller motor didn’t help the fuel economy numbers all that much. Not to mention drivers have to sacrifice 113 horsepower and 100 pound-feet of toque. That small motor in a vehicle that weighs as much as the 4Runner just isn’t going to work out. With that four-cylinder being forced to carry such a large body, the fuel economy numbers were only 1 mpg better than the V6. On the plus side, the smaller motor did save buyers $4,000.

Toyota has not announced sales numbers for the four-cylinder 4Runner, but we would assume they’re pretty low. That would make this model quite rare and a shocking flop for the company.


Source: Motor Trend

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  (477) posted on 08.3.2010

Not so good looking exteriors with low engine performance? Are we still expecting for this car to be sold? It’s just good enough that they discontinued promoting this car.

  (247) posted on 08.1.2010

Really? I think it’s the ugliest 4Runner ever. I used to really like them but now there is no way I would even consider one. The interior has gotten even worse!

  (1332) posted on 08.1.2010

I think the HOA should held a meeting to informed Mr. Vizzi and the other residents, why they are ordering that kind of memorandum so that it will not end up in a lawsuit.

  (868) posted on 07.31.2010

I don’t see why this is a "shocking flop"... it was an utterly predictable flop. Those looking for a fuel-efficient mid-size SUV will buy the cheaper-to-buy and cheaper-to-run Highlander, and those seeking a rugged off-roader will go for the V6 4Runner. The 4-cylinder 4Runner has no market, and should be discontinued.

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