Toyota is now showing up to the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle party. In Japan, the company will start leasing its FCHV-adv to Japan’s Ministry of the Environment and other governmental agencies. The leases, which will start in September, will cost a little over $7,500 per month.

While it may seem like a Japan-only hydrogen vehicle is a few steps behind Toyota’s rival Honda (Honda’s FCX Clarity sedan has been leased internationally since earlier this month,) Toyota seems to bring something new to the fuel cell car world. The FCX Clarity is only leased to Southern California not only because it is the only place with any kind of hydrogen refueling infrastructure, but also most likely because most hydrogen fuel cell cars do not work in cold temperatures. Toyota’s FCHV-adv has the ability to work in 22 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.

So why is a Japan-only fuel cell making news? Because just like the Prius, Toyota tests its products at home before it releases them to the world.


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