Love him or hate him, Jeremy Clarkson is a household name among international car journalists in both print and television. This is probably why Toyota UK has put together a motley collection of Top Gear clips that mainly have one thing in common: Jeremy trying to destroy various Toyota models. The resulting video is actually a heartwarming tribute to Jeremy Clarkson, who was recently ousted from the BBC Top Gear show following an altercation that he had with a producer. With the news that he will no longer be on Top Gear, the show’s future remains in doubt, especially since both James May and Richard Hammond have hinted that they wouldn’t want to continue hosting without Jeremy.

Many credit Clarkson, along with Top Gear executive producer and childhood friend of Jezza, Andy Wilman, as the main drivers behind the resurgence of the Top Gear show, which went from being axed by the BBC in the early 2000s to be completely revamped starting in 2002. That was the year Clarkson’s larger-than-life persona began showing up on more and more T.V. sets, with each episode of the show amassing around 350 million viewers from over 170 countries, not including the millions who illegally stream or download Top Gear.

Over the years, Clarkson has managed to juggle public praise and intense criticism thanks to his highly opinionated and often provocative statements about various subjects, not all of them related to cars. It looks like even though he rarely praised Toyotas on Top Gear, the company is sad to see him go. Perhaps it was because after exhaustive, Herculean efforts, they were unable to destroy its venerable pickup truck.


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