Toyota Will Build Supra Alone; Will Co-Develop The Next BMW Z4

2014 Toyota FT-1 Concept High Resolution Exterior
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Back in 2013, BMW and Toyota signed an agreement that was supposed to bring only good things for both parties: a new supercar, improved hybrid-technologies and better cars. Well, the bad news is that this agreement will not affect the next-generation Supra, as it will remain an in-house-developed sports car.

What Toyota will do however will be to help BMW develop the next-generation Z4. The consensus believes that BMW will design and build the body of the next Z4. using lots of carbon-fiber and aluminum, while Toyota will offer its next-generation plug-in hybrid technology to the sports car.

Of course, this will not be the same as the current hybrid technology used in Toyota models, as that won’t fit in the tiny Z4. Instead, both the future Z4 and its Toyota cousin will likely share a sub-2.0-liter engine with a new, more compact hybrid system from Toyota.

Despite heavy changes, it is believed that the next BMW Z4 will be priced similar to the current generation.

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Toyota FT-1 Concept

2014 Toyota FT-1 Concept Exterior AutoShow
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Toyota unveiled the FT-1 Concept at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show as a vehicle specially developed for the Gran Turismo 6 game. When explaining the concept name, Toyota said that FT stands for "Future Toyota," and the number "1" represents the ultimate. So, you see why we can not accept it will remain a simple concept?

The FT-1 features a very aggressive front look with large inlets, ducting and vents that ensure a proper cooling for the engine. What’s really cool about the concept is its combination of red and black elements - both on the exterior and the interior.

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