We’re guessing that it’s been a while since Trabant has figured into a discussion about automobiles; after all, it’s been a while since the car that used to popular in East Germany was seen rolling out on the streets.

Apparently, the diminutive car, which enjoyed a cult-like following in the Eastern Bloc decades ago despite it’s rather below-average user-ability, is poised to make a comeback, and unlike the scrappy old Trabant of yesteryear, this new version is coming out with – wait for it - electric power.

Herpa Miniaturmodelle, a German auto company that specializes in the production of specialized vehicles, will be tasked to create a new version of the ‘Trabi’, which became widely recognized for being exclusively featured in U2’s Zoo TV tour from the early 90’s and is only one of a select number of cars to have a spot of its own – albeit a hanging one – at the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio.

Herpa, together with its partners IndiKar and IAV Automotive Engineering, is set to unveil a concept for the new Trabant at the Frankfurt Motor Show to gauge fan reaction for the car and Herpa is wasting little time promoting the car as something that combines old-world history with new-school technology.

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A number of technical details of the Trabi was recently released by Herpa, one of which is that the reincarnated version will have a rooftop solar panel for recharging its battery, which could help the car achieve a range of 250 km.

While the Trabant – old or new – should never be mistaken for a Bugatti, the car’s history suggests that it will command a new cult following from enthusiasts the world over. After all, how many cars can claim that they have their own spot in the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame?

Source: Automotive News

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