A few days ago we went on a visit to Jay Leno’s garage via YouTube and had the chance to watch Leno drive the Tramontana R. Today we come with some more news about the Spanish supercar. While filming Jay Leno’s episode, the Spanish driver, Oriol Servia, revealed that the Tramontana was preparing a racing version powered by a V10 engine developed by Cosworth.

The standard Tramontana R is powered by a V12 engine that develops 550 HP or 720 HP with two turbos. Despite this amazing power the Spanish company has difficulties in selling the car so a racing version was the next logical step to ensure future sales. It will be lighter than the road-legal version and will come with more power under the hood.


Source: Autoweek.nl

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  (592) posted on 12.20.2010

It’s an automotive oddball, one so exclusive it makes the Zondas and Veyrons of this world seem almost common.

  (512) posted on 06.10.2010

The R-Edition weights only 1268 kg or 2795 lbs, down from 1360 kg (2998 lbs). In this case the weight distribution changed from 42/58 on the standard version to 50/50.

  (325) posted on 06.8.2010

It seems they took so many cigarette packs just to build Faux Bugatti. Well, they made it build but not perfectly the same with the bugatti.

  (647) posted on 06.8.2010

I’d like to see this and the X bow come head to head on track someday.

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