At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Spanish automotive industry was created and a tradition of excellence and superior craftsmanship was born. Today, one hundred years later, a group of young engineers has developed a new automobile instilled with these same values.

Tramontana supercar to debut in Geneva
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Building upon the foundations of these first concepts and designs, a.d. Tramontana has created a custom-made, hand-crafted vehicle that is distinguished by its unique character. With a glance towards the past and a vision of the future, with passion, initiative and perseverance, a.d. Tramontana has reinvented the automotive industry in Spain and throughout the world. a.d.Tramontana is a Catalan company that represents a new generation of entrepreneurial engineers. The company is located on the beautiful Costa Brava of North-eastern Spain, a place that has been a great source of creative inspiration. Their objective is to apply creativity to all aspects of the automotive manufacturing process.

This creativity is evident in all aspects of the Tramontana: the design, the construction, and the exclusive distribution model. The Tramontana embodies a revolutionary concept that incorporates the design qualities of the iconic Italian sports cars and the mechanical expertise of the classic British models. a.d.Tramontana has brought together technical precision, personalized design, and superior craftsmanship using only the finest materials. In this way, the company can be considered as the heir to the iconic Spanish models of the beginning of the twentieth century.

Tramontana supercar to debut in Geneva
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These cars, which marked a decisive moment in the history of the global automotive industry, have unfortunately disappeared, but the innovative spirit of their design lives on in the Tramontana. The Tramontana is unique because its design combines visually stunning lines and personalized accents with powerful machinery and high safety standards. The car is custom-designed and built according to the personal requirements of each client.

This is done first by conducting an ergonomical study of the measurements of the driver, then by using the materials of his or her choice and, finally, by differentiating each unit with an engraving of a poetic verse in the chassis of the car. These characteristics assure that each Tramontana is a unique work of art modelled on the specific desires of the client.

Not only is the Tramontana visually attractive, it is also an extremely powerful piece of machinery, including a central V12 bi-turbo, with to options 550 and 720 Hp, by a selector in the dashboard. The Tramontana also adheres to high standards of safety. It includes a body of carbon fibre and a chassis that has been specially developed for this particular model and introduces a new structural system that combines an indeformable central zone with eight other zones of shock absorption. The body is made of carbon fibre. a.d.Tramontana presented the original concept car at the Geneva Motor Show in 2005 as well as at the Top Marques Monaco fair in the same year.

Tramontana supercar to debut in Geneva
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In 2006 a.d.TRAMONTANA present a functional prototype and due to its incredible initial success among industry specialists, this year the company, has developed a new carbon fiber monocoque, new suspension system and also new aerodymamic modifications and all this news facts will be presented at the next 77th Geneva Motor Show, from 6th to 8th of March 2007. a.d.TRAMONTANA will deliver the first units in Summer 2007. In April, it will open its Technical Assembly Centre on La Costa Brava. Story of the project and how the company was founded: The story of the Tramontana began ten years ago, in 1996, when a British car collector mentioned to Josep Rubau that it was unfortunate that cars were no longer manufactured as they had been in the past.

Later, in the Technical centre of VW Wolfsburg in Germany, Josep met Xavi López, an expert in surfaces development with considerable experience in German and Spanish engineering. Xavi had previously worked for carmakers such as VW, BMW, and Lamborghini. One of the reasons that the members of the Tramontana team decided to base their operations out of La Costa Brava was because they wanted to bring business to local industries, which were suffering due to a widespread trend of industrial delocalization. They contacted the companies in the region that were known for their high quality standards and shared their vision with them.

As the project developed, it became necessary to incorporate new members into the team. Marc Barceló, a technical engineer specialist in industrial development, joined the team in order to develop technical parts. Lluís Balasch joined as the “finishing touches man”: the supervisor of both the direction of micro-mechanisms and derivates and of the development of accents and details. Finally, the last member to join was Albert Foncillas, whose expertise is in the field of industrial design and whose own company was a supplier to some of the most important multinational companies. His knowledge and extensive experience continue to improve the business strategy of the company.

Tramontana supercar to debut in Geneva
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Together with this team of entrepreneurs, there are over one hundred collaborators who have contributed to the project and who have understood our new way of focusing the automotive industry on the values and feelings that have been forgotten in the car-making world. We would like to thank all the people who have collaborated on this project and who have helped us make our dream become a reality.

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