Get those AT-ATs fixed, Darth Vader!

Transport Canada may be one of the last places our Canadian friends will look to for some snickers and laughs these days, but you have to give credit to the government agency for embracing a little bit of humor on Star Wars Day. If you haven’t heard yet, Transport Canada issued a recall yesterday – recall #2017242 – involving serious powertrain defects to a number of All-Terrain Armored Transport Imperial Walkers, or as their more popularly known, AT-AT Walkers.

According to the recall notice, the AT-AT Walker’s central hydraulic system “could fail in extreme cold temperatures,” particularly in far-flung locations like Northern Canada or, you know, planet Hoth. Apparently, the issues with the hydraulic system could lead to a domino effect of problems for these walkers, including the malfunction of the walker’s laser cannon tracking and the overall ability of these massive metallic elephants to walk. If all these issues come into the fray, the walker’s are reportedly susceptible to crashing, thus causing injury or death to any unfortunate imperial trooper stuck inside. If the walker’s supposed issues aren’t enough to draw giggles, Transport Canada took its gag recall a step further by adding that 10,000 AT-AT Walkers are possibly affected. Who knew the Republic had that many AT-ATs to begin with?

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Well played, Transport Canada

Transport Canada Gets Our Approval With HIlarious Star Wars-Related Recall
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Now, this is the kind of news I don’t mind waking up to.

I have to give credit to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Canadian counterpart for not only embracing Star Wars Day, but for having good-natured fun with the whole purpose of the unofficial holiday.

The government agency really went all-out to make the tongue-in-cheek recall look about as legitimate as possible. It has an official recall number, which I can imagine is far more complicated to green light than most people think considering how important legitimate recalls are in the nature of the agency’s line of work. Even better, there’s also a page on the website dedicated to the whole gimmick. Seriously, go check out the link to the page we provided. It takes you to the recall page, which comes with some pretty important information, including the obvious giveaway to the ruse. I don’t fancy many people taking this recall seriously.

Then again, if I were Transport Canada, I’d probably try to make sure that Darth Vader doesn’t see how the agency categorized the notification type on the AT-AT’s recall as “Inconsequential.” I’m afraid no amount of polite apologies would be able to convince the Sith Lord from plunging his light saber into the hearts of Transport Canada employees.

Today, after all, is Revenge of the Fifth. I’d be careful, Transport Canada. Those AT-ATs may end up coming after you.

Source: Transport Canada

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