Now that Porsche has unveiled their first ever sedan and have made it clear that they have intentions to build a Golf competitor, why not think up up of other models the luxury stud could delve into? In fact, why not think of the next big thing; a Porsche pickup truck. What better way to transport all kinds of luxury products than with a truck bearing the Stuttgart Coat of Arms? Well, we can’t say we thought of this one all by ourselves. The idea actually comes from Nouphone J. Bansasine who designed the Porsche TranSport - the fourth version in the Porsche line-up (next to a sedan, SUV and the sports car model).

The Transport design looks very Porschesque with its smooth lines and exotic appearance. Not something anyone would want to carry sod around in! We don’t know about everyone out there, but it would be pretty interesting to carry our tools around in a luxury pickup.

How do you guys feel about the Porsche Transport? Hit us up!


Source: YankoDesign

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  (364) posted on 06.9.2011

Golf? Are they sure that they are competing against a hatchback? Well, I really don’t like a sedan version of Porsche for it will ruined the natural beauty of its platform!

  (745) posted on 08.23.2010

Why not? But don’t change its color. Its about time to experiment on new models.

  (815) posted on 05.24.2010

hmm It rear cab looks like taken away from honda pilot.

  (512) posted on 05.23.2010

Obviously honda ridgeline inspired. looks better honda-style than in porsche-guise. By far!

  (1) posted on 05.21.2010

"I drive a Rolls Royce Pickup truck to the end of my driveway and thats all I use it for" Busta Rhymes... haha hell no! dont ever do this Porsche! Terrible idea. Way to think outside the box... but not that far!

  (16) posted on 05.21.2010

its just a stupid idea but the problem that all automaker are heading towards stupid ideas these days . as for me this was my opinion about the cayenne and i didn’t like the panemera as well.

  (765) posted on 05.20.2010

never going to happen, a pick up does not match porsche’s image and style, nice design though. did you use modo for the modeling?

  (858) posted on 05.20.2010

I think would be a big surprise to everyone who loves porcshe, because this is really the first time that porcshe open a discussion on this type of manner. Well I guess they have a good idea and i hope this could achieve success on the near future of this porcshe pick-up.

  (1022) posted on 05.20.2010

What’s new from porsche. I wonder what will it look like if they make a pick up on cayenne.

  (1) posted on 05.20.2010

wow if porsche ever did build this then i would have to say that this would be a HUGE leap towards losing there way! porsche had better not do this at all!!! i am probably one of the biggest porsche fans....EVER and i have liked everything they have done with all there cars even panamara etc.....BUT THIS?!?!?!?!? gosh no porsche! this is a mix of a cadilac pick up and a cayyane........what would be the point in this??

  (868) posted on 05.20.2010

No one will buy this. The point of pick-ups is to haul and tow as much as possible for as long as possible; not to be luxurious. If you tune this car to have a smooth, luxury car ride it will be useless as a real truck, and if you give it a suspension that enables it to be used as a real truck, the ride would be far too stiff for a convincing luxury car.

  (16) posted on 05.20.2010

cars that ugly shouldn’t be allowed by law, it wouldn’t be as reliable or as cheap to maintain as the RAM or the ford Raptor.its just another stupid idea like when Lamborghini made an SUV and was horrible.

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