With the growing number of supercars coming out of the woodwork from a plethora of different countries, supercar makers and wannabes alike are trying to find new and different ways to make their vehicles stand out. We’ll let you decide which category Jasuka - a Hungarian designer - falls in with the release of the first images of the Triango Revelation. This future supercar has been in the works for about three years and with the help of Urban Motorsport England - also a Hungarian company despite the confusing name - Jasuka is prepared to enter the production stage of his new model.

Its name - Triango - was inspired by its triangular exterior design which we can’t decide whether we think is interesting enough to be cool or out-of-this-world enough to just be ugly. We imagine this is what a supercar would look like if it started a fight with a giant can opener, so we guess that answers that question. On the up side, the interior is a lot cleaner with silver trim and walnut-colored leather, making the triangular motif a bit easier to swallow.

Of course, making this a car that anyone would want to have in their garage is the customized V8 twin turbo Hayabusa engine that delivers an impressive 1000 HP at 10,000 rpm. This dynamic engine is mated to a customized transmission system with an F1 shifter system, automatic start, a race computer, and a full rear wheel direction.

The Triango Revelation is currently in the final development stages and is preparing for its official debut. Jasuka plans to build the super car in a limited run of 12 units and order books are now open if anyone is interested.


Source: Diseno Art, Facebook

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  (463) posted on 08.10.2011

Stripping down its odd styling, I think the car is almost perfect! The figure performance is really impressive and I think its just enough to make the blast in the race track.

  (467) posted on 08.10.2011

Well, I guess once you drive the car you can almost forget on how ugly is this vehicle! The 1000 HP output of the car is equal to the speed performance of Bugatti car.

  (683) posted on 07.25.2011

I think it would be better if they are going to enhance the look of the car although, they have an impressive power output for the Triango! I wonder if there’s any science basis for its design?

  (677) posted on 07.25.2011

I can’t figure out on why Triango Revelation keeps on making a weird looking vehicle. However, its a good thing that they offer a high speed performance for the car. It seems that they have made a miraculous boost for a twin turbo engine.

  (448) posted on 06.24.2011

I think we should give this a chance, I agree with you my friend. Not all concept cars were promoted instead they received a bad reviews from their audience. Hopefully we can see something special features on this one.

  (488) posted on 06.17.2011

I hope all supercars wannabe will be given a chance to prove their existence. Lets say, offer them a unique package or exposure in the public. I know that all those who would like to become part of the industry will try their best to bring something really special.

  (858) posted on 06.17.2011

It is really unique, especially those triangle shaped headlights, definitely fits the name of the car.

  (453) posted on 06.16.2011

Hmm, those performance figures certainly look impressive, they will definitely be able to bring the car to such a high speed. We just need a video to prove it.

  (379) posted on 06.16.2011

The design looks good and futuristic but I also want to know about the specs, engines and how it performs in the main road. I think if they give this a good powerful engine, it can battle through the reigning supercars of each countries.

  (378) posted on 06.15.2011

Well, I do agree that it really does look a bit on the weird side. But I really don’t care that much for this department. What;s more important is to know if it would indeed be able to perform like other supercars.

  (502) posted on 06.15.2011

I must say that this one is the oddest supercars that I have seen this year. But it does have a lot of good points on it. And it’s actually going into production, that’s very sweet.

  (692) posted on 06.14.2011

haha. Geometrical Oddity? Well, I think its a better term to describe this car! Heck! its seems that Triango was inspired with the lines and it really reminds me of all the lessons I have in my Geometry class!

  (474) posted on 06.14.2011

The look is so exotic but I don’t think that its appealing. IMO, the designed in the exterior is bloat loaded. However, the performance of this car is quite impressive! I never imagine that a V8 twin turbo can produced up to 1000 hp!

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