• Tribute To A 1977 Aston Martin V8: Video

Ask a modern-day teenager about what car he would like to own and the answer will most likely include names such as the Ferrari LaFerrari and the McLaren P1. And 10 years ago it would’ve have probably been the Bugatti Veyron and the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. But as this new video from Petrolicious comes to prove, not all teenagers are hooked on outrageous hypercars. Paul Kitchen, one of the two main characters of this footage, started his life as a car owner by driving a 1977 Aston Martin V8. Not as much as driving as having it towed, but he enjoyed some wheel time until the car, which wasn’t in its best shape to begin with, caught fire one day.

As the years passed, Paul and his gearhead dad, Jonathan, restored the V8 to its original condition, while changing its color from purple to silver and dressing the interior in red leather, as to resemble an example he saw (and couldn’t afford at the time) at a dealership. There’s no doubt classic Aston Martins are as cool as they get, but what makes this video that much more interesting is the father-son experience this GT has helped create. Having something to work together on and ultimately sharing a passion for Astons is what makes Paul and Jonathan’s one happy family.

For the uninitiated, the V8 was introduced in 1969 as a replacement for the Aston Martin DBS. Production lasted until 1989, when Aston Martin launched the Virage. Hit play for more info and a touching father-son story.


Ciprian Florea
Ciprian Florea
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