True Story: Chevrolet Camaro SS sold for only $5.28

Some people are born lucky and some just make their own luck.

The case of Jonathan Mason is the perfect example of the latter. On what was just any other day in the Mason household, the 36-year husband and father found himself as the winner of a brand-new 2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS for the measly price of just $5.28. Yup, for a price of a Big Mac, this dude just scooped up a brand-spankin’ new Camaro.

The car came as one of the first items being sold by a penny auction site and Mason found himself one of 82 people bidding for the car. All it took was 75 minutes and a couple of bids before the site officially declared this lucky man the winner.

"It didn’t click at first, then I started yelling and my wife told me to take it outside because she was trying to put the baby down for a nap," Mason was quoted as saying by

Needless to say, the initial shock of winning a car like a Camaro for just five dollars gave way to excitement over his price. And to make things sweeter for the resident of Frankenmuth, Michigan, all the expenses associated with the car, including shipping and taxes, were all taken cared of by the auction site.

As for the auction site - - they apparently didn’t mind taking such a hit on their first auction because it earned them such much-needed publicity. As website founder Kent Kern said, "We wanted to do something different, and there are no other websites selling new cars."

"It - the buzz surrounding the Camaro auction - has helped," he adds. We’re sure it has.


Source: CNN

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  (647) posted on 07.25.2011

Holy crap, this is crazy! Is this some kind of joke? Well, if it is really true, I will not be surprised of they will sell a Bugatti Veyron in 15$. HAHA! By the way, that Jonathan is really lucky.

  (380) posted on 07.25.2011

whoah ! That’s what we called a very lucky person. haha! He’s the most luckiest person on earth to win a brand new Chevrolet Camaro.

  (52) posted on 07.21.2011

Try gave away a Lambo in $

  (600) posted on 07.21.2011

He is really a lucky man for winning this Camaro in $5. I wonder what kind of auction happened during that day. I never thought that the Chevrolet Camaro will be priced just as low as that.

  (399) posted on 07.21.2011

Honestly, I don’t believe on bidding sites for I thought its kind of scam or whatever. However, knowing that this guy won a Camaro SS from these sites..Well, I guess some other would definitely try there luck in bidding. I’m afraid that fake bidding sites might take advantage of its popularity.

  (473) posted on 07.21.2011

I really believe that this guys was born so lucky!Hell, the original price of the Camaro is around $30,000+ and he just got his ride for almost $5, that’s a $25,000+ difference!

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