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An M2 with the engine from an M5, yes please!

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When it comes to car tuners, the general rule of thumb is the crazier, the better. Not just concerning the power and performance figures, but the interior and exterior modifications as well. Of course, there are exceptions to that rule. Typically German car tuners such as Manhart and Novitec tend to lean towards a more subtle approach in the form of adding power, some bigger wheels and tires, and not much else. While that route may not seem all that exciting, it is just as possible to blow the pants off the competition.

What tuner is it this time?

The cars you see in the pictures are from G-Power, a German company with the intent of building the "perfect sports car." Their plan to achieve this is rather similar to the strategies of several other tuning outlets, adding massive power, sometimes doubling the max output, along with some slight visual modifications.

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The German tuner focuses on BMWs, but also does work on Porsches and Mercedes.

According to G-Power, all of the cars in those pictures produce a combined 11,650 horsepower and 14,250 Nm (10,510 pounds-feet of torque).

However, G-Power seems to be on the tamer side of the tuning industry as the company said they "place great value on providing impressive drivability and making sure that the optimizations do not affect the engine’s longevity."

This is opposed to the strategies of lesser tuner businesses that consist of cranking the boost up into the stratosphere. It may seem all good right off the bat, but as soon as the car sees a drag strip, there can quickly be a massive problem under the hood.

What Models do they have?

The most notable is what they call "Hurricane cars", one-off versions of BMW M cars with a heavily modified version of the S63 Bi-turbo V-8 from an M5. Yes, they put that engine in every Hurricane model,including the Hurricane version of the M2.

Tuner Heaven: This is What 11,650 Horsepower Looks Like - image 1092928
They have a range of cars called the Hurricane series.

The first Hurricane model debuted in 2002 and was an E46 M3 with the glorious S85 V-10 from an E60 M5.

The Hurricane M2, as well as the Hurricane M4, are both capable of 750 horsepower (551 kW) and 664 pound-feet of torque (900 Nm), and the modifications alone cost €154,700 ($158129 based on current exchange rates).

They also do Hurricane versions of the M5 and M8, all of which have 774-pound feet of torque (1,050 Nm). However, the price of all modifications costs from €59,500-€119,000 ($60,819-$121,638) and produces from 840-887 horsepower(626-661 kW), with the lesser models named the RS and the big boys named RR.

They also sell various power adders for other BMWs, Porsche 911s, and Mercedes. Nearly all of the parts they sell are tunes, turbo modifications, new exhausts, and minor interior changes.

Source: G-Power

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