Earlier in the summer, it was rumored that Hyundai would be offering a 5.0 liter V8 engine for the Genesis Coupe sports car. This new engine would deliver an impressive 429 HP at 6500 rpm and 376 lb-ft of torque at 5000 rpm with an 11.5:1 compression ratio (estimated). The overall buzz in the industry illustrated the excitement over the historic use of a V8 engine, but Hyundai may have another trick up its sleeve: a turbocharged V6 engine.

It’s definitely not a secret that automakers have been leaning towards forced induction options such as turbocharging and supercharging to achieve high power while reducing fuel consumption. Hyundai is no different in that aspect. During a recent interview at Hyundai Motor America’s technical center in Ann Arbor, MI, Powertrain Boss John Juriga confirmed that the rumored turbocharged V6 really did exist and that is currently under testing: "The 3.8 is a contender for turbocharging for some high-output applications." But the fact that such an engine exists does not guarantee that it will be put into production. The final decision will only be made based on customers’ feedback.

The two Genesis Coupe concepts seen at the 2011 SEMA Show - the V6 powered Hurricane SC and the V8 powered Genesis RM500 - were specially created to generate feedback for which method of power delivery would be preferred by the masses. The decision is inevitably ours to make; do we marvel over the tried and true power and feel of a massive V8 engine or do we take that same amount of power and pay less at the pump? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!


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  (276) posted on 11.24.2011

I think it would be better if it is on a High-Displacement V8 engine. Well, it will surely give a nice and impressive speed on this Hyundai vehicle, and I would really wait for that car.

NMGOM  (14) posted on 11.23.2011

For "astonmartin1":

I would agree ordinarily. But is this car the ideal tuner’s target?
And what is their expected market audience? If people want something that is "sporty" enough to match a plain vanilla BMW 3-series or Infiniti G37 or Audi tt, then I think a turbo V-6 could handle that.

If however, Hyundai wants this to be a tuner’s platform to match Porsche 911 (or even Cayman R) or Corvette ZR1 then you will certainly need to go with a V-8 that can be made to "grow", as you suggest.

NMGOM  (7) posted on 11.23.2011

one more thing, the V8 has the option of being tuned with a TC/SC in the aftermarket, yielding more horsepower; you cant do a whole lot more if it already has a TC in it

NMGOM  (7) posted on 11.23.2011

Id rather see a V8 than a V6, the V8 may not be as fuel efficient or lightweight, but even if the V6 has more HP than the V8, its still not a V8. I dont think these decisions can be solved by comparing the pros and cons, its just something that belongs in the car, you can keep with the norm and put in a V6, or you can say F*** the world and put in a V8

NMGOM  (14) posted on 11.23.2011

I’d like to see the following first:
1) HP curves vs RPM of the proposed V-8 and turbo V-6;
2) Torque curves of the proposed V-8 and turbo V-6;
3) Estimated EPA city and highway fuel mileage of the vehicle with each engine.

Sometime a V-8 is not all its cracked up to be in fuel mileage; and a turbo engine may or may not come close to good HP delivery at hight RPM.

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