After a period of calm, the British carmaker TVR has again problems.It seams that the bad-days for the small carmakers are not over.TVR’s manufacturing arm Blackpool Automotive, has stopped building cars at the Blackpool HQ, its home since 1947.

Last week more than 200 members of staff stayed at home waiting for payment.Two days before Christmas, TVR didn’t even have enough money to pay its staff.The company ran out of funds and it’s now up for sale.

’It is unfortunate that production could not continue as it had done for so many years, but it is time for TVR to move on.’ David Oxley, TVR’s managing director said.

Following a restructure in 2006, TVR spun off its manufacturing business, Blackpool Automotive, which has now slipped into administration.The new administrators are actively seeking buyers for TVR, and are confident it’ll be sold as a going concern.

Blackpool Automotive remains in business even though it isn’t building any cars at present but they say the warranties and the parts supplies would be unaffected.

There were plans for a collaboration with Bertone but the production stopped before that.Nikolai Smolensky, TVR’s Russian boss since 2004, plans to continue assembling TVRs at coachbuilder Bertone. Parts would be shipped from the UK to Italy, where final assembly will take place.

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