Ownership of TVR has changed hands a couple of times, with the future of the company changing with each signature placed on the dotted line. Recently, sometime in June 2010, it was announced that TVR would be working together with Gullwing - a specialist German firm - to prepare a new model that would start production in September 2010. Well, here we are in September, and we haven’t heard a thing about the new model.

Turns out, Jurgen Mohr – a former TVR owner and now Gullwing chief - and TVR boss Nikolai Smolenski were unable to reach an agreement on the terms of the new model and so TVR has decided to move along on its own. Its creation is said to be a roadster model featuring a Corvette V8 engine.

Apparently, the new model will be designed by TVR man, David Martin, and will most likely be built in UK, but TVR secretary James Oxley said "we’re keeping our options open."

As for the engine to be placed under the hood, Smolenski said "We looked at every engine available — including making our own — and decided that the Corvette was the most powerful off-the-shelf design going. Fitting it to our chassis allows us to meet all current regulations and is not too big a step."


Source: Autoexpress

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  (331) posted on 09.8.2010

vThe last roadster I may have rode into was from Aston Martin.

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