It’s no secret that British firm TVR is working on its first new sports car since the Tuscan and Sagaris were discontinued in 2006, but details as to what it will bring to the table have been rather scarce up until now. However, after months of silence and hard work, TVR has released more details about its upcoming vehicle.

Arguably the biggest news is that TVR has finally settled for a design language. Although the final styling has yet to be chosen, TVR says that it’s all down to a number of concepts that differ only in relatively small detail. As far as the actual design goes, the rendering made by Piston Heads suggests that the new model will stay true to TVR’s DNA, sporting the usual long hood, fastback tail, and short overhangs. Upon closer inspection, elements such as the headlamps and the sloping roofline are similar to the Sagaris. Sweet!

As for engineering, the Brits have confirmed that the new sports car will receive a carbon-fiber chassis as a no cost option. The technology was developed by Gordon Murray, who previously designed the iconic McLaren F1, and showcased as the iStream Carbon at the Tokyo Motor Show in November.

As for the engine, TVR chairman Les Edgar said the company fired up an early version of it V-8 engine at Cosworth’s Northampton facility. Tested on a dyno that simulated a lap of Le Mans, the engine returned "very respectable" results. An update on final body styling, production details, performance figures, and pricing will follow in early 2016. According to previous rumors, the new sports car should debut sometime in 2017.

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Why it matters

When I first heard rumors that TVR will return to the market under new ownership in 2013, I didn’t get my hopes up. There have been many attempts to revive the brand in recent years and none have succeeded so far. However, it turns out that Les Edgar is dead serious about bringing TVR back on track and this update confirms that development of the new sports car is well underway. It remains to be seen Whether the new TVR will live up to the hype, but the fact that one of Britain’s most celebrated firms is back is exciting to say the least.

Source: PistonHeads

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