Heffner Performance (Sarasota, Florida) offers two twin-turbo packages for the V-10 Gallardo — one wild and one that’s best described as outrageous. The wild one is the Twin Turbo 600 package that increases the peak horsepower to a prodigious 600 from the already formidable stock 512 figure. It uses a pair of water-cooled ball-bearing turbos that puff in a mild 4.0 psi of boost and two rear-mounted water-to-air intercoolers. The price, including installation, is $27,999.

System Contents:

  • Engine Removal and Disassembly
  • Custom Billet Steel Connecting Rods
  • Steel Cylinder Liners
  • Custom 9:1 Compression Ratio Forged Pistons
  • Polishing of Crankshaft Journals
  • Connecting Rod Bearings
  • Main Bearings
  • Balancing of Rotating Assembly
  • Blueprinting and Assembly of Engine
  • Heavy Duty Clutch and Pressure Plate
  • Twin Water Cooled Dual Ball Bearing Turbos
  • Two Tial 38mm Wastegates
  • Two Tial 50mm Blow Off Valves
  • Custom Made Stainless Steel Turbo Midpipes
  • Custom Made Stainless Steel Turbo Downpipes
  • Custom Made Stainless Steel Exhaust System
  • Stainless Steel Turbo Oil Feed Lines
  • Stainless Steel Turbo Oil Drain Lines
  • Colder Heat Range Spark Plugs
  • High Flow Turbo Air Inlet Plumbing
  • High Flow Turbo Air Discharge Plumbing
  • Spearco Water to Air Intercooler
  • Intercooler Water Pump
  • Intercooler Water Reservoir
  • All Necessary Lines and Fittings
  • High Flow In Tank Fuel Pumps
  • Upgraded Fuel Injectors
  • All Necessary Gaskets and Fluids
  • Optimized Fuel and Spark Calibration
  • Professional Installation and Tuning

Source: Heffners Performance

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  (6023) posted on 11.21.2006

I am the one who own the blue 6 speed TT Gallardo
Let me say that I just love this car.
I drove F430, SLR, Viper etc and this is the car for me.

Excellent Job from Jason Heffner

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