There’s something fishy about why the 488s crashed

Supercar crashes are nothing new so those that make the news are usually the ones that have a rich story to tell. Consider then the absurdity of this crash that damaged two Ferrari 488 GTBs in Lijiang, China. According to reports from the Chinese media, the two Ferraris figured into the crash when one of the drivers abruptly hit his brakes to avoid a dog crossing the road.

Things took a turn for the worse when the driver of the second 488 slammed into the rear of the first Ferrari before crashing into a guardrail. Both cars were heavily damaged as a result of the crash, although fortunately, neither the two drivers nor the dog that crossed the road were just from the whole ordeal.

Local authorities immediately arrived on the scene and discovered that both drivers had their license plates covered, which raised suspicions that both drivers either covered them up to keep them from being identified or that they were actually racing when the crash occurred. The severity of the damage does indicate that the second Ferrari wasn’t meekly following the first when it crashed, but was actually traveling at a high speed when it slammed into the back of the first Ferrari.

In any event, both drivers have a lot of explaining to do when they send the heavily damaged 488s for repair. Judging by how both look in the aftermath of the crash, both cars are going to need significant repairs, which translates to a lot of money out of the pockets of the two drivers.


Source: Car News China

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