Two Formula One bosses make hilarious bet with one another

Two Formula One bosses make hilarious bet with one another Models Female
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You want to know just how crazy it can get in the wild and wacky world of Formula One? Well, if you have team bosses making some pretty outrageous bets between themselves, then that’s a pretty darn good indication.

Earlier this year, Lotus head Tony Fernandes and Virgin czar Sir Richard Branson agreed on a challenge where the boss of the losing team would have to dress up - and serve – as a female flight attendant on the winning team’s airline.

As you may know, Sir Branson owns Virgin Airways and Fernandes owns Air Asia, making this bet between the two all the more hilarious. The latter event went as far as having a rendering done of Sir Branson dressed up in the full Air Asia female FA regalia. Consider the gauntlet being thrown, Sir Branson.

And seeing as both teams have yet to score a single point this season, the final three races of the 2010 Formula One season will not only be about a Ferrari-Red Bull-McLaren smackdown to the championship, but also a fight to the finish line between Lotus and Virgin for that important point to determine which boss would have to dress up and serve on the other’s airline.


Source: ESPN F1

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  (419) posted on 06.3.2011

Just cover the face of this flight attendant then it would be almost perfect!
So very sexy! BTW, I think from that say Branson would never join in any betting game!haha

  (394) posted on 06.3.2011

haha. Richard Branson has never been a killed joy after all! I like his sportiness. However, if that face would be flight attendant I’d rather not to use an airplane for transpo!

  (25) posted on 04.1.2011

Very funny. What extreme these people go and what a weird bet. Pretty sportive these guys are.

  (313) posted on 10.28.2010

let’s just not look the face...smiley

  (544) posted on 10.14.2010

So tremendous! What I can say that was freaking funny. ( I can’t stop laughing) Sir Branson is such a sporty guy..haha

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