• Two Heavily Camouflaged Audi Q5s Spotted In Hackensack, New Jersey

SUVs appear to be in the middle of some test runs

A pair of heavily camouflaged SUVs were spotted making the rounds in Hackensack, New Jersey by an eagle-eyed member of the Bimmerfest forum. Initially, “zombie99” thought that the SUVs were BMW X3s, but upon checking the photo and comparing it to previous spy photos of the BMW crossover, he may have confused them with the Audi Q5, which they really are. Still, great work on capturing the wrapped up Q5s. Based on past experience, most people would think that the two Q5s were just the victims of a well-orchestrated prank.

To be fair, other members of the forum also pointed out that they thought the two SUVs looked more like the Q5 than the X3. But we took it a step further and examined past spy photos of both SUVs and there really is a big difference between the two, especially in the rear section, the same area that’s shown in zombie99’s photograph.

One of the things that’s visible in the new BMW X3’s rear section are the circular taillights. In fact, two sets of spy photos, taken in November and December 2015, respectively, both show the X3 with circular taillights, small park lights, and dual exhausts. The shoulder lines on the X3 are also not as pronounced as the two SUVs you see in zombie99’s photo.

By comparison, past spy photos of the Audi Q5, taken in August 2015, show plenty of similarities to the ones that were spotted in Hackensack, New Jersey. The taillights are similar, as are the other set of lights located on opposite ends of the rear bumper. The SUV in the front also shows a similarly configured exhaust and diffuser compared to the other spy photos we’ve seen of the Q5 and the SUV in the back clearly shows distinctive shoulder lines, just like the one found on the spy photos of the test mule in Spain last August.

So yes, we believe these two SUVs are Audi Q5s, but as to why they’re doing some test runs in New Jersey is another matter entirely. Another member of the forum indicated that two Q5 test mules have been testing around the area for weeks and are “usually accompanied” by another Audi with manufacturer plates.

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Why it matters

It matters because the Audi Q5 is due to get a new-generation model. The first-generation model has been around since 2008 and with the exception of a facelift in 2012, it’s still the first-gen model. It badly needs a new version. Fortunately, Audi is already hard at work on that next-generation model with plans to have the SUV make its debut in 2017 ahead of a 2018 model year launch here in the U.S.

So yes, it is a exciting to see not one, but two Audi Q5 test mules in the wild undergoing some testing runs. But why New Jersey? Well, the company’s U.S. headquarters is located in Herndon, Virginia, which is about a four-hour drive to Hackensack, New Jersey. The cars could have come from company HQ and are making one of those extended test runs. Another possibility is that they came from any one of Audi’s dealerships in the area, the nearest of which would be Audi Meadowlands in Secaucus, New Jersey.

Wherever it is that these two Q5s came from, what’s important is that seeing them on the road is a clear sign that the launch of the next-generation Q5 is drawing closer and closer. Audi has yet to confirm an official timetable, but I’m confident that by this time next year, the launch will have already happened.

2017 Audi Q5

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Source: BimmerFest

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