Two kids survive plunge off a cliff in a Porsche Boxster

Joyrides are all well and good, provided that the person sitting behind the wheel isn’t endangering himself and all the others around him. But sometimes – and no matter how hard you stress it – there are still people who think that they’re decisions don’t have any consequences and that whatever they’re doing is cool and ‘all good’.

Take this 15-year old boy from California as an example. A few days ago, this young kid – who’s not yet of legal driving age, mind you – stole the keys of his father’s Porsche Boxster and along with his 12-year old cousin, took the car out for a leisurely run out on the streets of LA.

Unfortunately for the two, their joyride ended up becoming a close encounter with death after the 15-year old lost control of the car, sending it hurtling of a cliff and crashing 70 feet down on a construction site.

Whether you believe in divine intervention or not, what happened next seems to defy any logical scenario of how an accident of this nature usually ends up. After flying over a cliff and plunging 70 feet down, the Boxster did not flip over, and ended up landing on all four wheels. Except for a few dings and scratches here and there, the car remained virtually intact.

But what’s more amazing about the whole ordeal was that the two young boys inside the car escaped without injury.

As a precaution, the two kids were airlifted to a hospital and are now undergoing further tests, but for the most part, they escaped from the accident without any serious injuries.

Quite frankly, we’re at a loss for words. These two kids flew off a cliff in a Porsche and lived to tell the story of how they got out of the car unscathed. Somebody was definitely on their side out there.


Source: ABC

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  (517) posted on 02.3.2010

70 feet is a very high height to be falling on a car. I think that it is because of the car’s safety feature that it didn’t cost them their lives. I don’t think they will be that safe from their parents after a stunt like that though.

  (570) posted on 01.19.2010

The car didn’t flip maybe because of the the accident site is not that rough, and they came from the top going down..gravity that is. The kids are lucky, dads should be careful with their keys especially when they have young kids with them.

  (815) posted on 01.18.2010

That’s why it is unwise to left the key to the Keybox hahaha.. good thing that nothing serious happened to the kids. and his car is still intact and no major damages.

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