Few lucky people got to drive the 1995 championship-winning Subaru Impreza once raced by Colin McRae

We are well accustomed to Chris Harris getting his groove on inside some of the world’s most fascinating cars, but this particular video bit will also hit rally enthusiasts right in the feel because it features a legendary car belonging to a legendary driver.

This looks like Dirt Rally 2.0, only a thousand times better

First, some clarification. While we mentioned WRC in the headline, the Subaru Chris Harris gets to drive was McRae’s 1995 Group A car.

The Group A set of regulations was replaced in 1997 by FIA with a new formula, specifically what we know today as the WRC (World Rally Car) that would compete in the World Rally Championship.

Two Legends Come Together as Chris Harris Gets Behind the Wheel Of Colin McRae's WRC Subaru Impreza
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McRae started his stint with the Subaru in 1993, and he won his first rally in New Zealand the same year. The Scotsman won the drivers title in 1995 after beating his teammate Carlos Sainz and until 1998 when he left Subaru, McRae also helped the Japanese team secure the manufacturers title three years in a row.

While not always consistent in his performance, Colin McRae had that fearless factor that made him go pedal-to-the-metal where others wouldn’t, trying to keep the car sideways in all corners, which also made a sheer spectacle out of his driving. Come to think of it, his middle name, Steele, looks predestined to say the least.

Two Legends Come Together as Chris Harris Gets Behind the Wheel Of Colin McRae's WRC Subaru Impreza
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And to wrap it up nicely, here’s a video of Colin McRae ripping it out during the 1993 Tour de Corse. Make sure you keep the volume up at all times. And remember: when in doubt, flat out (not on public roads, though).

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