The movie franchise may not have some of the most compelling story lines, but when it comes to raking in the moolah, NBC Universal’s Fast & Furious franchise is certified box-office gold.

Fans of F&F will then be ecstatic to know that producers are currently developing not just one, but two follow-up movies to Fast Five, which by the way grossed a delightful $626 million in the cinemas all over the world.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Dominic Toretto...err...Vin Diesel was quoted as saying that with the inclusion of new characters and the deepening plot line of the movie, there wasn’t enough space to fit everything together in the "sixth-quel," hence the decision to spread the story out to accommodate a "seventh-quel."

Though nothing has been finalized, screenwriter Chris Morgan is currently writing the storyline with the intention of covering two movies, giving director Justin Lin the option to shoot the two movies simultaneously.

Should this end up being the case, we expect a lot of the race boy fans of the Fast & Furious franchise to be jumping up and down right now.


Source: Inside Line

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  (342) posted on 01.10.2012

I agree with you too! I am as excited as you. I am a total fan of the Fast and Furious and I can’t wait anymore for more sequels. No matter how many they are. Haha.

  (459) posted on 01.9.2012

I can’t wan it till another sequel of F&F to come out in the cinemas. I am so excited on the cars they will going to use on their next production.

  (473) posted on 01.4.2012

Yeah right!! Those super fans of Fast and Furious are now excited for the seventh-sequel of this movie. Though I am not a F&F lover, my excitement caught by this article.

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