• Two Tesla Roadsters end up in separate accidents

There aren’t that many Tesla Roadsters out there – so far, there are around 940 units all over the world - so if one of them ends up in an accident, then you can bet that it’s going to make some news.

Ever the benevolent purveyors of exotic car crashes; our buddies over at Wrecked Exotics recently unearthed two Tesla Roadster crashes that happened just recently. Though the accidents weren’t related, the two accidents brings the total of Tesla Roadster car crashes, at least as far as Wrecked Exotics is concerned, to six, with one of them being a test vehicle that met an untimely demise even before production for the car began.

As for the two newest members of the Tesla Roadster car crash club, we’re relieved to say that both cars didn’t suffer the same metal-crunching fate that other sports cars seem to routinely find themselves in.

The black 2008 Roadster accident occurred in Orlando after the driver lost control of the car after which, it clipped a concrete divider resulting in the front left side of the car to need some facial reconstructive surgery.

As for the orange 2008 Roadster that figured into an accident of its own, it was merely a minor fender-bender mishap involving the over-eager owner of the Roadster. Despite the relatively subdued crash, the orange Roadster got introduced into the world of car crashes pretty early since the car – with a total mileage of just under 3,000 miles – is still what many consider as ‘just out of the box’.

It’s never a good thing for any of us to be reporting on car crashes of any sort. But these two Tesla Roadster crashes somehow alleviates our burden because the crashes, though expensive to repair, as we can imagine, didn’t come at the cost of a life.


Source: Wrecked Exotics

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  (460) posted on 03.28.2010

O well what can we say but crap happens in life right? It’s not like the cars are called total wrecks. It can be repaired only for a pretty expensive labor I assume. I mean those cars are expensive, of course maintaining it will be expensive as well.

  (542) posted on 02.18.2010

Now that is going to be painful for the owners. Anyways, I’m really interested to know about the safety features of the car. Since it has a different technology under its hood, how will it react when damaged or in a crash situation? Will it be dangerous that such technology will explode upon impact?

  (937) posted on 02.17.2010

ow that was a big OUCH to the owner, and yes it can be considered as out of the box due to its mileage, maybe the owner is using it on week end only.

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