U-turn, Fast and Furious style

I wonder what this guy in Dubai forgot at home?


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hsal8  (35) posted on 08.11.2008

and this news just in: ferrari CEO denied any plans of making d Ferrari SUV in near future....

hsal8  (35) posted on 08.11.2008

how can u be so sure??

hsal8  (35) posted on 08.9.2008

First of all, this is Dubai!!! It’s the signal close to the Jumeirah Beach (I live 10 minutes away from there)!!! Not Saudi!!!!!!!
This is the usual stuff the drivers lay on you in Dubai (especially Jumeirah)... a white F430... must be some emarati’s (they do this all the time... once sumffin like this happened in front of my mom’s Cayenne)... and emarati’s are mostly get another chance from the police... they get their charges waived...

hsal8  (5) posted on 08.9.2008

it is not Dubai for the last time!! its is Saudi Arabia!!! if this guy were in dubai...he’d be arrested the second he pulled off that drift.

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