UFC Fighter Dan Henderson recently found himself on the good side of a brand new Range Rover for becoming the winning coach during the recently concluded The Ultimate Fighter 10. Up against Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping – who coached Team UK opposite the Henderson-backed Team US – Henderson not only steered his team to victory, he also got the pleasure of knocking out Bisping at UFC 100. It seemed like Henderson couldn’t do anything wrong, that is, until he got behind the wheel of his Range Rover.

After his highlight-reel knockout of Bisping, Henderson was on his way back to his home in Temecula, California in his Range Rover when it inexplicably broke down right in the middle of the desert. That’s right. The Range Rover was barely a month old when it conked out.

We don’t know exactly the reason behind the Range Rover’s sudden malfunction but it must suck anyway to have it give out on you without even reaching four digits on the odometer. It’s a good thing Henderson has a sense of humor because after the untimely incident, he sent a message to White saying, “Thanks for the car, Dana. Hope it comes with a warranty!”

Nevertheless, Henderson was able to have the car fixed and was even spotted driving it to the ESPY Awards in Los Angeles. Let’s just hope that this time, he can go back to Temecula without having to call AAA again.


Source: Yahoo Sports

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  (406) posted on 02.11.2010

Well, I was going to guess that it might have something to do with his maintenance of the car but since it is only a month old, it may have been something technical.

  (19) posted on 07.26.2009

Ive read in a few places that Range Rover has the worst reliability record of any luxury brand. This breakdown doenst shock me!

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