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Ultimate GT-R Showdown: R32 vs R33 vs R34

These spec ’d-out Godzillas pack some serious punch. Which one is your money on?

The GT-R is arguably one of the most iconic nameplates to have come out of Japan. They have captivated the underground racing scene for decades. OG or Originally Gassed managed to put together the ultimate showdown featuring three generations of the GT-R.

Ultimate GT-R Showdown: R32 vs R33 vs R34
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Now, these cars are far from stock and feature some mind-numbing modifications. They’ll be going up against each other in a couple of ¼ mile runs and a roll race to finish it off. Let’s take a closer look at them, shall we?

Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R

Ultimate GT-R Showdown: R32 vs R33 vs R34
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In the brown corner, we have Jabz’s widebody R32 GT-R built by Endless Works

In the brown corner, we have Jabz’s wide arch R32 GT-R built by Endless Works in the U.K. This was the original Godzilla. The car includes a 2.6-liter engine that produces 930 horsepower along with AWD and a six-speed PPG sequential gearbox. The R32 GT-R is running PS4S street tires and weighs 3306 pounds. The mods are as follows.

Ultimate GT-R Showdown: R32 vs R33 vs R34
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  • Full forged RB26 engine
  • Garrett G35 1050 Turbo
  • Turbo smart 60 mm wastegate
  • PRP trigger kit
  • Link ECU map by Redline.

Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R

Ultimate GT-R Showdown: R32 vs R33 vs R34
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The R33 also packs AWD traction and is also using a sequential gearbox like the R32

In the purple corner, we have Ricky’s R33 GT-R sequential trial tuning spirit time attack 2.8-liter beast that produces 924 horsepower. Power is sent to all four corners via a sequential gearbox. The R33 is sitting on AR1 tires with a stripped-down interior and perspex windows and mere 3086 pounds. Here are the mods.

Ultimate GT-R Showdown: R32 vs R33 vs R34
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  • An R34 New Spec engine
  • HKS step-free 2.8-liter nurser kit
  • HKS T51 Kai Turbo
  • HKS R34 272 Camshaft,
  • Fully built ported and polished head
  • Link G4X ECU map by Rototalk.

Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R

Ultimate GT-R Showdown: R32 vs R33 vs R34
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Last but certainly not the least, we have Affi’s R34 GT-R

In the white corner, we have Affi’s 2.8-liter HKS R34 GT-R. The car is running on semi-slicks sending the 672 horsepower to all four wheels via an H-pattern manual gearbox. Now the R-34 might be at a disadvantage here and so, he went out and stripped the interior. The R34 now tips the scales at 3351 pounds. The modifications include

Ultimate GT-R Showdown: R32 vs R33 vs R34
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The mods include a Fully built stroker engine, GREDDY T78 single turbo conversion, V-Cam to reduce lag, Dedicated HKS management. The result? 672 horsepower on the Dyno
  • Fully built stroker engine
  • GREDDY T78 single turbo conversion
  • V-Cam to reduce lag
  • Dedicated HKS management

0-60 mph

Ultimate GT-R Showdown: R32 vs R33 vs R34
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First, it was time to see which one of these GT-R’s was quickest to 60 mph. Any guesses? Well, Ricky was the fastest in the R33, coming in at a staggering 2.90 seconds to 60 mph followed by Jabz in Godzilla 3.07 seconds while Affi manages 3.44 seconds, although he did manage a faster time of 2.07 seconds on a previous occasion. So the R33 GT-R takes this round.

¼ Mile Run

Ultimate GT-R Showdown: R32 vs R33 vs R34
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Next, it was the 1/4 mile run and once again the R33 was quickest with a time of 10.33 seconds, followed by the R32 at 10.48 seconds. The R34 managed a standing quarter-mile time of 11.14 seconds

First up. Its Affi once again in the R34. He does the standing quarter in 11.14 seconds. This was a quick time to the extent where the engine caught fire, caused by an oil leak. Next, it was Ricky in the R33 who clocked in a strong ¼ mile time of 10.33 seconds. Its all down to Jabz now, can he better the R33? Despite a misfire towards the end of his run, Jabz punched in a time of 10.48 seconds. So round two goes to the R33 as well.

1/4 Mile Drag Race

Ultimate GT-R Showdown: R32 vs R33 vs R34
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It’s now time for the big one that you’ve been waiting for. And surprise surprise, Affi managed to do a quick fix on his R34 for an is back in the game. With that, they line up for the ultimate GT-R showdown. Unfortunately, Jabz’ R32 broke its transfer box right at the start and this really became a two-horse race.

Ultimate GT-R Showdown: R32 vs R33 vs R34
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The R34 GT-R had a great launch and was in the lead, but not for long and Ricky came screaming past Affi and went on to win the race by a couple of car lengths. Round two went to the Affi in the R34 as Ricky suffered a boost issue on his car. They lined up one last time for a decisive run and the R33 dominated this final round.

Roll Race from 40 mph

Ultimate GT-R Showdown: R32 vs R33 vs R34
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Not so fast. They stage a couple of rolling passes. Can the R34 reel in Ricky in the R33? Swipe Up to find out who dominates in the rolling pass.

The pair roll down the runway at 40 mph before giving it the beans at the start line. The R34 like before is slightly ahead but the R33 eventually catches up and gets past. The results weren’t different on the second pass either and the R33 was victorious once again.


Ultimate GT-R Showdown: R32 vs R33 vs R34
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Overall, it was a lot of fun to watch three generations of spec-ed-out GT-Rs go head to head. Affi’s R34 launches pretty hard, but it’s the upshifts where he seems to be losing time, which is where Ricky manages to catch him and get past. You can’t dismiss Jabz’ R32 either which is a monumental car in its own right. In fact, his R32 was recently driven flat out on the Autobahn by AutotopNL which was something else. You can watch that video here.

You can watch how things unfold in the video below:

Ultimate GT-R Showdown: R32 vs R33 vs R34
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