Due to her past roles and films, Kill Bill star Uma Thurman is an actress who best represents the concept of speed and power in the collective mind of the international public. But in this edition, Uma’s speed and power will be nothing without control. Driving a fiery Lamborghini Gallardo with PZero tires, she will speed through the streets of Los Angeles to escape mysterious assassins who suddenly appear and try to kill her for no apparent reason.

The film is based on hair-raising chase scenes, but only the final scene of the clever plot will reveal the solution to a series of unexplainable events that happen to the star. Director Kathryn Bigelow gave a realistic interpretation of the script and added great emotional and psychological tension to the action scenes.

Uma Thurmam star in Mission Zero
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The film was shot with internationally renowned talents directly in Los Angeles, taking advantage of all the potential that the city, the home of the movie industry, has to offer. Everyone, from Director of Photography Janusz Kaminski (Oscar winner for Saving Private Ryan
and Schindler’s List ) to the weapons master and post-production team, contributed to the successful outcome of this short film that has all the characteristics of the best action flicks. The result is a complete film that concentrates in just 10 minutes the best that Hollywood has to offer.

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