The Lamborghini Gallardo’s V-10 has proven to be an incredibly robust, nearly indestructible engine capable of handle enormous amounts of boost. Underground Racing of Charlotte, North Carolina has been pushing the outer limits of the Lambo V-10’s performance envelope for a few years now, building street-legal Gallardos with over 1,500 horsepower. But, the one in this video, owned by a man named Moe, has Underground’s Stage 2 Race twin-turbo tune that puts down a ridiculous 1,750 horsepower… at the wheels!

Moe recently took his ride to the WannaGoFast half-mile event in Virginia, where he placed first, clocking a top speed of 217 mph, and then drove it back on public roads to the hotel he was staying at. Turn your speakers up for this one. It’s pretty amazing to hear the V-10’s revs swell and then spike as the massive turbos spool up.

2011 Lamborghini Gallardo TT by Underground Racing

2011 Lamborghini Gallardo TT by Underground Racing Exterior
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