• Unreal: Max Wants a Meeting of the FIA – His “Privacy” Has Been Invaded

Unreal: Max Wants a Meeting of the FIA – His “Privacy” Has Been Invaded
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According to Autoweek.com, FIA president Max Mosley has called for a meeting of the FIA general assembly in extraordinary session.

Why? "The full membership of the FIA will be invited to attend the meeting at which the widespread publicity following an apparently illegal invasion of the FIA president’s privacy will be discussed. It is anticipated that the meeting will take place in Paris. It will be held on the earliest practicable date. No further comments will be made by the FIA regarding the matter at this stage," according to the statement issued by the FIA. The FIA also stated that Mosley is preparing legal proceedings against the News of the World, the British tabloid which reported Mosley’s involvement with prostitutes and posted a video of his performance on their website.

Here’s the way AutoWeek reports the nature of the video and the response of Mercedes-Benz and BMW in a joint statement issued earlier today:

“The video appeared to show Mosley engaged in sex acts with five prostitutes while role playing as concentration camp prisoners and guards. Mosley denied there was any Nazi connotation to his actions, but German manufacturers BMW and Mercedes-Benz issued a joint statement expressing their disgust with the situation.

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"’The content of the publications is disgraceful. As a company, we strongly distance ourselves from it,’" the statement said of the story and video. "’This incident concerns Max Mosley both personally and as president of the FIA, the global umbrella organization for motoring clubs. Its consequences therefore extend far beyond the motor sport industry. We await a response from the relevant FIA bodies.’"

Mosley earlier announced that he would not attend this week’s Grand Prix of Bahrain. Apparently, however, that was because he was uninvited. Bahrain released a letter sent the FIA president by the crown prince of the royal family:

"In light of the allegations, I suspect you may be deliberating on your planned attendance at the Grand Prix here in Bahrain later in the week. I therefore felt it important to convey the position of Bahrain and its people.

"Clearly of paramount importance is the success of the event for all concerned—the Kingdom of Bahrain, Formula One and spectators. The focus quite rightly should be on the race. With great regret, I feel that under the current circumstances, it would be inappropriate for you to be in Bahrain at this time."

Well, even though the racing’s boring, you can’t say F1 isn’t entertaining.

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