Ferraris were red because they had to be. The Association Internationale des Automobile Clubs Reconnus was the precursor to the FIA back in the 1960s, and mandated that race cars had to wear colors that represented their countries of origin: silver for the Germans, green for the Brits, blue for the French and red for the Italians. It’s why people today expect Ferraris to be red and some purists get all huffy when they aren’t.

In keeping with tradition, all 1,311 Ferrari F40s were delivered in Rosso Corsa. A few were later re-sprayed in other traditional Ferrari colors, like Giallo Fly and Nero, but this owner went in a completely different direction by painting his newly acquired F40 in this wild, custom shade of blue. It’s also been recently restored with Ferrari Classiche approval, and sports a sonorous Tubi exhaust system. Join our pal Shmee150 as he takes a closer look and rides shotgun.

Ferrari F40

1987 - 1992 Ferrari F40 High Resolution Exterior
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