We all know now what identity of the new 2 Series, including the M2, will be

The next-generation BMW 2 Series is going to be built to drift, at least if there’s anything to take away from its “Drift Machine” internal nickname. BMW development chief Klaus Frohlich revealed the nickname of the next-generation version of the 2 Series range, which will include a successor to the award-winning M2 Coupe. Frohlich also admitted that he fought for the next-gen 2 Series’ identity, in part because of how important the 2 Series is to establish the performance identity of BMW’s entry-level model.

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This is big news for the growing fans of the BMW 2 Series, a lot of whom have identified the model as the affordable and fun-to-drive Bimmer in the automaker’s entire lineup.

The 2 Series doesn’t have the same lineage as the 3 Series, but with the latter becoming more upscale, the 2 Series has taken its place as the de-facto choice among those looking to buy a BMW without burning holes in their pockets.

The 2 Series is one of most fun-to-drive cars in its segment, so it’s nice to know that the next-generation model will continue to abide by its characteristics. It’s still going to retain a number of elements from the current 2er, including the current rear-wheel drive layout that enthusiasts of the model will definitely appreciate because of how inviting the setup is to drift.

“The next-generation 2 Series will be called the drift machine," Frohlich told Motoring. “Whenever I look at the design I can say ‘Adrian [van Hooydonk, BMW design chief], does that really look like a drift machine? It should have more thrill, do something more.’"

Upcoming 2020 BMW 2 Series Dubbed the "Drift Machine" Exterior High Resolution
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Frohlich makes an excellent point. By virtue of its entry-level status, a model like the 2 Series should carry bits and pieces of the things that make Bimmers special.

Frohlich coined the “Drift Machine” nickname, because he wants BMW’s designers and engineers to understand its intended purpose as a driver’s car. In addition, a rear-wheel-drive 2 Series would also complement the front-wheel-drive 1 Series, which will migrate to MINI’s own front/all-wheel drive UKL platform when the next-generation model arrives. If buyers aren’t down with that idea, they at least have a choice in the rear-wheel-drive 2 Series.

BMW has yet to announce a specific timetable for the next-generation 2 Series’ launch. beyond saying that it’s due to launch sometime in 2020. If the finished product lives up to its internal “Drift Machine” nickname, a lot of prospective buyers will undoubtedly have no problem buying one.

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Upcoming 2020 BMW 2 Series Dubbed the "Drift Machine" Exterior High Resolution
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