Reports of Uwe Gemballa’s mysterious disappearance in South Africa has turned out to be premature. But while we’re glad to know that Gemballa is probably still alive, his tuning company, Gemballa, may not be as fortunate.

According to Cars UK, Gemballa didn’t exactly ’disappear’ when he went to Johannesburg. Turns out, he might be hiding from German authorities. While there’s no definite word on why Gemballa fled out of the Germany, reports have it that German officials raided and effectively closed down his tuning facility, resulting in all the cars in the plant to be impounded.

As a result, all the owners with cars inside would have to show definitive proof that they own those cars for them to have any chance of reclaiming their belongings.

Like we said, we don’t know the reason why Uwe Gemballa decided to fall off the grid, but if the latest happenings involving his tuning his house has any merit, then he – and his company, for that matter - might be in some deep trouble. Keep checking back here for more updates regarding this rather perplexing turn of events.


Source: Cars UK

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  (544) posted on 02.18.2010

Wow, so what happened to all the cars that he had? Where did it all go? If it went to the police impound, I’m pretty sure that after a few years, they will become cop cars.

  (1) posted on 02.18.2010

While it is true that Uwe Gemballa has gone missing in Johannesburg during a business trip, a manager at his HQ confirmed yesterday that the business is running normally.

The reported visit by the authorities was an inventory check. This is normal German procedure if the head of a company goes missing, and is to ascertain that there is no financial crime involved.
The investigators were satisfied with their findings.

All the internet chatter is speculation based on unfounded suppositions, and is very damaging to Gemballa’s name and business.

I urge all true enthusiasts out there to be supportive of Gemballa and his family in these difficult times.

  (939) posted on 02.17.2010

well i think not.. maybe they are creating a new model car, with that they are hiding it from local peoples.. or they didn’t sell well on the market?

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