Leave it to the Russians to make the most BA truck on the planet. This is the 2015 Ural Next and it’s produces by the GAZ Group. The truck is the latest iteration of the Ural truck line and features plenty of new technology to not only make it tougher, but to also cut back on emissions.

While saving eight percent on fuel consumption over the outgoing truck is cool, the real headlines come from what this updated truck is capable of. The truck features a front axle that’s capable of holding 6.5 tons while its rear two axles can haul an impressive 13 tons. That’s 26,000 pounds! Oh, and it can do it all while smashing over trees and running through deep mud-filled trenches while traversing over the Motherland.

The Ural Next’s massive tires give it grip with locking differentials on both rear axles. A hardy steel bumper up front keeps the Next’s tough-guy body work protected from impacts while providing recovery points and LED light mountings.

Power comes from the YaMZ-536 inline-six turbodiesel that is offered in 240-, 285-, and 312-horsepower output levels. Torque is said to be roughly 900 pound-feet. The new powertrain is only one aspect that makes the truck easy to drive over small buildings and large crevasses: the interior features upgraded ergonomics with easy-to-use controls. The truck also gives customers the option to choose between a YaMZ or ZF-sourced manual transmission.

All I know is that the Ural Next is my idea of a doomsday/zombie apocalypse/wartime vehicle.

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Why it matters

Big trucks like this are vital to business such as mining and forestry while also working extremely well in both military and first responder roles. The Ural Next offers upgraded features that make it extremely tough while keeping passenger comfort a high priority. All that aside, it’s just plain awesome to watch such a large truck blast through obstacles like there weren’t even there. Be sure to watch the video for all the visuals.

Ural Next - Russia's Most Extreme Off-Road Work Truck: Video Exterior
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Source: Jalopnik

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