Apparently, even if you’re the most powerful man in the world, you still don’t get everything you want. Turns out that in picking out his own personal presidential limousine, our President Barack Obama initially wanted it to come with a hybrid drivetrain.

But the Commander-in-Chief’s request was unceremoniously shot down by - of all people - the Secret Service. Yep, the very same people that swore to protect him down to their last breath.

Of course, the Secret Service was justified for putting a brakes on Obama’s hybrid limo, saying that in cases of emergency, a hybrid engine wouldn’t be able to pack as much power as an all-fuel drivetrain, especially since the the presidential limo isn’t exactly what people would refer to as a compact and lightweight ride.

As far as reports we’ve received regarding what’s really under the hood of the president’s limo, we’re quite certain that it’s not a hybrid drivetrain, much to the chagrin of the president.

We like the way the president is pushing hybrid vehicles into the forefront considering that it’s more eco-friendly than its gas-guzzling counterparts. But on the other hand, the Secret Service does have a point. In case of emergencies, you’re going to need some serious power underneath the hood of the presidential limousine.

And a hybrid drivetrain doesn’t really qualify as having some ’serious power’.


Source: CBS

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  (596) posted on 03.2.2012

Ah what should we expect? Their primary concern is to protect the president. Although we can understand how President Obama is attentive about environment, too.

  (474) posted on 02.8.2012

Well, the US Secret Service was just doing their job. The President’s request was too low for his security reasons. The Hybrid terrain was a must-have, but apparently not for the high-profile person like the President.

  (274) posted on 09.22.2010

It’s a GTM 572 marine big block. Blown. Roughly 800 horsepower.

  (228) posted on 08.2.2010

I understand the need for a Diesel to keep safe from EMP’s and such, but a few years back I saw a limo that must have been for someone high up (looked like a pres. limo) right by the treasury, and it stopped at a stop sign then took off, and it had the sound of a huge big block right out of the 60’s.

  (1332) posted on 04.11.2010

Well, obama is also has a vision for cleaner and eco cars. He just wanted to be an example to everyone.

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