American H-badge performance lovers, rejoice! It looks like the turbocharged, 2.0-liter, four-cylinder motor from the high-strung Civic Type-R variant might make it stateside. That’s the rumor coming from Spanish publication MotoryRacing, and although a full-fledged R was not confirmed, this is certainly suggestive of that possibility. Additional speculations have been dropped that the 280-plus-horsepower engine could be fitted to a separate model altogether, such as the CR-Z.

While details are sketchy at best, the idea that Honda is finally letting us in on some of the better mechanical bits it has to offer is good news indeed. For years, American enthusiasts have envied the supreme power and track prowess of the Type-R, a vehicle enjoyed by European and Asian markets as one of the best front-wheel-drive platforms on the planet. And while the turning and stopping abilities of that car are not to be dismissed, the thumping heart under the hood is undoubtedly the most critical piece of the equation. With turbo power, Honda could feel confident wading through a market where reigning sport compacts include the Ford Focus RS, Subaru WRX, and Volkswagen GTI.

So in a few years time, that R-badged Honda you see at the stoplight won’t be some tuner-wannabe, but the real deal. And that’s something we could all appreciate.

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Why it matters

Entire industries have spawned around creating a Type-R Honda here in the United States. It’s the aspiration for boy racers everywhere, and while imported parts and modifications get close, nothing beats a true dyed-in-the-wool, factory Type-R. If a turbo four-banger does end up on these shores, it’ll be at least partial vindication for all those demanding fans who signed that petition.

Honda Civic Type R

2014 Honda Civic Type R Concept II Exterior
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A few months back, we got a taste of the new 2014 Civic Type-R Concept, and simply put, we were floored. This iconic hot hatchback stands out next to its commuter sibling with large aerodynamics, performance suspension, larger wheels, and an interior focused on driver engagement. The latest news for powerplant specs outlines the 2.0-liter turbo four as putting out “at least 280 PS” (276 horsepower), which is a sizable chunk to throw at this lightweight sport compact. While that may be a lot of power to put through the front wheels, Honda knows what it’s doing when it comes to making an FF platform shine on the track. As the standard for front-wheel-drive performance, we think the Type-R would do magnificently in the U.S. market. Let’s hope Honda agrees.

Source: MotoryRacing

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