V12 Supra to compete in Nardo
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The Nardo top speed run has had a lot of stars in the past. The MTM Bimoto TT was one, which recorded a staggering top speed of 390.6 km/h. Then, the cinema theater on wheels, Brabus Maybach 57 that did 330.6 km/h, made a few supercars blush. Edo Competition’s Lamborghini LP640 came up with some mind-boggling numbers-345.7 km/h. All these are impressive figures and remarkable feats, showcasing the technology and skill of each tuner. None of them could break the 400 km/h mark and this year, a car with fancy headlamps might just reach the deserted destination.

During the last Tokyo Auto Salon, a company named Top Secret, announced that they will try to break the 400km/h (248mp/h) mark on the Nardo Circuit in Italy, later this year. They will try and shatter the record by using a Toyota Supra thats err.. not exactly stock. The 3.0 L engine has been replaced with a 6.0-liter V12, which produces in excess of 1000 hp. Thats close to five times the power produced by the stock engine. The banked, 12.5 km circuit is the battle ground where tuning companies go head to head with the laws of physics as they try and push their machines to their absolute limit. With the inclusion of this Supra, this year’s event is going to be all the more interesting.


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  (363) posted on 03.17.2010

A supra v12? I can’t imagine how fast it can go, for sure it’s engine is quite a heavy.

  (5990) posted on 03.20.2008

Top Speed did 324 km/h in a R33GT-R in the Tokyo tunnels. These guys are experts, quite possibly the best so doing 400km/h in a car like a Supra is possible.

  (5990) posted on 02.20.2008

cool!..and interesting

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