Valentine’s Day is coming faster and you are out of ideas for a gift. If you need some idea check out this "cool car" from DVLA. Whilst officially ‘on sale’ from February 5th, over ten thousand different combinations of the K155 range will be available to view online from February 1st, including, K155 BLE, ideal for someone whose lips just cry out to be kissed, K155 TEL, fitting for a lover who likes to reveal all and K155 XME, sure to muster a reaction from the recipient and even other motorists!

Additionally, more than ten thousand M155 prefix registrations will become available for the first time such as M155 EDU, great for the person who misses their loved one when apart and M155 XME, for a lady who likes to be kissed!

For those with something a little more specific to say, other Valentine’s themed registrations can be found, like MY07 LUV, ideal for a pair of 2007 lovebirds, MY06 GAL, the perfect gift from him to her and MY05 GUY from her to him!

Source: Motoring News

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Lucca  (27) posted on 01.30.2007

can i buy some hearts for your car smiley

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