TopCar has just unveiled a special customization program for the Porsche Cayenne sports truck. The specialty car builders will only put together 25 units of the special edition SUV, each being built to the customer’s wishes and wearing a personal number plaque. The aggressive aero kit will fit any current generation and run owners about 45,000 Euro.

Vantage GTR Porsche Cayenne
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The tuning package includes an integrated aerodynamic kit, where the front of the Porsche Cayenne remains the same, but receives a set of wider fenders as well as a few impressive air inlets from Advantage GT. By doing this, the tuners have visually transformed the SUV into a coupe, however they didn’t go all the way as to incorporate a set of 911 headlights.

With the new body kit the hood, radiator guard, front bumper, side sills and rear bumper are replaced as well as the rear quarter panels and the rear door handles have been shaved. The interior comes with the most expensive leather, Alcantara, sophisticated wood as well as a few bits of carbon fiber to dress up the ambiance. The tuners have also incorporated color matched stitching and a few other decorative solutions including, among many other things, an individualized plaque with serial number on the central console.


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  (182) posted on 08.7.2009

Performance wise, I think they did a little of Carbon diet but surely its not enough to make the performance better. Besides you paid for an SUV, why would you want to make it turn out as a coupe. If I’d want that, I should have bought a coupe in the first place.

  (182) posted on 08.7.2009

Well, as you have noticed, the Cayenne that we are talking about is a mere tuned car by Vantage. I’m disappointed that they only focused and remodeled the exterior when in fact, one of the most important thing that tuning should do is to make the performance better. I have seen one in person and its true, the interior has not changed at all. I’m not paying for that piece of crap. I love Cayenne as it is with Porsche.

  (183) posted on 08.7.2009

Is this the Hybrid Cayenne that they are talking about? Well, obviously not. Or else they would have bragged about it. Primarily why I don’t prefer SUVs is because they consume too much gasoline. Porsche has already said that they would release a Hybrid Cayenne before 2010. Let’s see if they would keep their word on it.

  (180) posted on 08.7.2009

Sport Utility Vehicles has already become a lifestyle car nowadays. But of course things are different here most especially, we all know that the Cayenne is not just an SUV. It’s a luxury SUV. It’s far more durable than sedans or at least it looks tougher on the outside.

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