Vario Mobil launches "land yachts" with garage included

Maybe the term of ”land yacht” is strange to you. Well, for the folks who don’t know it, a land yacht is actually a luxurious motorhome, and in our example this is built by the German manufacturer Vario Mobil. The “house on wheels”, if we could name it like that, comes with a luxurious interior and everything we could find in a home, but also with a garage. You would say, ya right….but the garage can include a Smart ForTwo, a Mini Cooper and, for the larger models, even a Porsche 911 or a Ferrari.

Vario Mobil launches "land yachts" with garage included
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Based on Mercedes-Benz, Man and Volvo busses, the vehicle’s dimension can vary from 7.5 to 12 meters but have also a big price: between $450,000 to over $900,000, depending on the customer’s choices.

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