Vehicular Court: Arrinera Automotive accused of using a Kit Car to build the Venocara

2012 Arrinera Venocara Concept High Resolution Exterior
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Okay, so we wrote a nice review about the Arrinera Venocara supercar hailing from Poland and we make the observation that this car “looks a hell of a lot like a Lamborghini.” Apparently, the Polish media thought the same, as Jacek Balkan outright accused Arrinera of building this new supercar from a Lamborghini kit available through Polish kit car manufacturer Bojar. Later, Arrinera’s CEO Lukasz Tomkiewicz adamantly denied all accusations and even addressed the usage of an Audi A6 C5 air conditioning panel and instrument cluster.

We can admit that the resemblance between the Lambo and the Arrinera Venocara is striking, but the automotive world is chock-full of copycats and information sharing, so it may just be happenstance. We are not prepared to pass judgment until we put all three of the vehicles in question, the Lamborghini Reventon, the Bojar El Toro Kit, and the Arrinera Venocara on trial in TopSpeed court.

We will closely examine all of the evidence on each car and come to our final ruling as to whether or not this truly is a slightly modified kit car to help boost the blossoming company’s stock, or simply a case of copycatting gone too far.

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Front End

Vehicular Court: Arrinera Automotive accused of using a Kit Car to build the Venocara
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Arrinera Venocara vs. Lamborghini Reventon:

The first bit of evidence is the front clip. On the front end, there is no mistaking the fact that the Arrinera is a blatant attempt to copy of the Reventon. The hard arrow-like angles on the front bumper are a key styling point of the Reventon, but the air ducts on each side of the Reventon’s bumper are unique. The hood is not a knock off of the Reventon, as it is pretty unique and completely reverse of the Reventon.

The headlights, however, are just about as close as the Reventon’s headlights as you can get without them being direct carbon copies. The front turn signals are a direct rip off from the Reventon, as they are positioned directly in front of the front wheels, just like the Reventon, and are even in a similar shape.

Verdict: Guilty as charged, it is a direct rip off of the Reventon, plus it even has some touches of the Aventador and Gallardo in it.

Arrinera Venocara vs. Bojar El Toro Kit:

With exception to the sloped nose, the Lambo-like shapes on either side of the bumper and the positioning of the turn signal indicator, there are few similarities between the kit and the Arrinera. The headlights are 100 percent reversed, and the hood is completely different.

Verdict: Innocent, the Arrinera may be a blatant Lambo rip off, but its front end is not from the Bojar El Toro kit car.

Side Profile

Vehicular Court: Arrinera Automotive accused of using a Kit Car to build the Venocara
- image 457901

Arrinera Venocara vs. Lamborghini Reventon:

The side-view mirrors on the Arrinera truly are unique, but the high beltline is very similar to the Reventon, as are the rear brake cooling ducts. The brake ducts are at least a little different, but that beltline is identical, as it angles downward when it approaches the rear wheel well.

2009 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4
- image 235328

The engine heat extractors on the top of the rear quarter panels are not copied from the Reventon, but rather a direct duplication from the Gallardo.

Verdict: Guilty as charged in blatantly ripping off Lamborghini’s side profile from both the Gallardo and the Reventon.

Arrinera Venocara vs. Bojar El Toro Kit:

With the exception of scissor doors and there being a cooling duct in front of the rear wheels — the Bojar El Toro Kit’s ducts are fake though — there are zero side-profile similarities between the Arrinera and Bojar El Toro Kit. The Bojar El Toro Kit does have a beltline similar to that of the Reventon and Venocara, but it has a softer of a turn as it angles downward toward the rear wheels, so definitely not the same beltline. The Bojar El Toro Kit also has a god-awful ugly vent behind the side glass, which is not present on the Arrinera.

Verdict: Innocent, as there are small similarities, but they are both copying the same car, so of course there are similarities. The Arrinera is a much crisper looking car from the side than the Bojar El Toro Kit.

Rear View

Vehicular Court: Arrinera Automotive accused of using a Kit Car to build the Venocara Exterior
- image 457903

Arrinera Venocara vs. Lamborghini Reventon:

The taillights on the Arrinera are a complete replication of those from the Reventon, just slightly larger. Other than that, the rear view of the Arrinera is pretty unique and does not share any styling cues with the Reventon.

Upon first glance, the taillights really make you think they are identical, but when you stop and really look you’ll notice they are totally different. There are circumstantial similarities, like cooling vents and the upward angle of the rear end, but those are present in almost any mid-engine supercar.

Verdict: Innocent. While they are similar upon first glance, there are significant differences between the Arrinera and Reventon

Arrinera Venocara vs. Bojar El Toro Kit:

Unfortunately, there are no available images of the back end of the Bojar El Toro Kit. So in accordance to TopSpeed rules, we have to throw out this part of our trial.

Verdict: Innocent. Without ample supporting evidence of wrongdoing we cannot enter a guilty verdict.


2012 Arrinera Venocara Concept Interior Computer Renderings and Photoshop
- image 403449

The interior of the Arrinera is still in concept phase and the original interior we all saw was simply a prototype, according to Arrinera’s CEO. Since there is no evidence otherwise, we have to suspend this portion of our trial until we see the final interior design.

Verdict: Suspended

Final Ruling:

Vehicular Court: Arrinera Automotive accused of using a Kit Car to build the Venocara
- image 457905

In respect to the allegations that the Venocara is built from the Bojar El Toro Kit; TopSpeed finds Arrinera innocent and the allegations brought forth by Jacek Balkan as false, unfounded, and outright incorrect. A close study of the two cars shows little similarity between them and any similarities are solely due to the similarity between the Lamborghini Reventon and Venocara, given the fact that the kit car is a replica of said Lamborghini.

Vehicular Court: Arrinera Automotive accused of using a Kit Car to build the Venocara
- image 457904

In the second case of the engineering and designing departments at Arrinera flat out copying Lamborghini’s styling, most of which being the very rare and often forgotten Reventon, we find Arrinera guilty of these charges. With these charges comes no punishment, as the automotive realm is one full of copycats. It does cause us to frown upon the company in hopes that its next car is more original.

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  (287) posted on 09.12.2012

I think they can’t come up with a good components or something like that. That’s why they did that embarrassing thing.

  (666) posted on 09.6.2012

I think they really use the platform and chassis of the Lamborghini. What will be their penalty if proven?

  (306) posted on 09.5.2012

Venocara can be the most tempted super car. I hope they can make something from it. Let’s just say based the upcoming designs on it.

  (345) posted on 09.4.2012

Hmm...They will do everything just make money or become popular. Now they will have to pay for it.

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