As with the original Westfalia and the hippy culture, the new VERDIER Solar Power is part of a new culture with its own rituals. It is based on GREEN ENERGY and the PLEASURE to be SELF-SUFFICIENT. This new culture also believes that technology should allow people to understand nature and its power.

The design team has received the Special Prize from the Jury at the Caravaning Desing Award 2006/2007, Innovation for new mobility. The prize was awarded during the Caravan Salon Dusseldorf in Germany. This Salon is one of Europe’s largest caravaning exhibition and trade show.

The Verdier Solar Power model offers several innovations such as:

  • A system of intelligent solar panels called " SUN TRACKER ". This system makes it possible to provide electricity to the on-board accessories while the vehicle is in a stationary position. An on-board computer and a GPS (Global Positioning System) calculate the optimal position for the SUN TRACKER.
  • A pneumatic suspension, which lowers the vehicle and sets its structure on the tires for improved comfort and a better stabilization in a stationary position.
  • The sliding half-door on the passenger side has an integrated folding staircase, which makes the second stage area accessible from outside the vehicle.
  • The passenger seat is transformed mechanically into stairs, so that the second stage area can be easily reached from inside.
  • A swivel cooking range makes it possible to cook outside as well as inside.
  • In the second stage area, a dividing wall with a sliding door and multiple windows is made of a thick and expandable fabric.
  • And of course, a multi-media computer with a wireless Internet connection is also useful where the communication technology is available.
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