It would take a really impressive supercar to make the Ferrari F430 Scuderia look infantile, but German carmaker Veritas – lost in obscurity for so long – has returned with a car that may have accomplished just that.

The legendary car manufacturer, responsible for some of the fastest racing cars back in the 40’s and 50’s has risen from the ashes to return with a vengeance.

Their latest supercar, Veritas RS III, which they produced under the Volkswagen flagship and in partnership with manufacturer Vermont, is, by all accounts, a machine unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Veritas returns with the RS III
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Sporting a revolutionary design completely different from any other sports car made these days, the Veritas RS III is drawing a lot of attention not just for its sleek and futuristic look, but also for its expeditious speed. At a recent testing at the Hockenheim race track in Germany, the RS III blazed through the course faster than a Ferrari 430 Scuderia. It goes without saying that Ferrari has been trumped.

The power under the hood of the Veritas III comes from another German auto manufacturer, BMW. As it stands, those who’ve bought the car will be given the choice on whether to put a V8 engine from the M3 or a mouth-watering V10 engine from the M5 saloon.

Veritas returns with the RS III
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If its sheer speed and power isn’t good enough, the Veritas decided to tinker with the BMW engines to make the RS III faster and scarier than it already is. As a result, the M3’s 5.0L V8 engine has been bumped up from 420 bhp to 473 bhp, while the M5 saloon’s V10 engine has been jacked from 500 bhp to a hair-splitting 592bhp. Now imagine putting that much speed and power on a car that’s made of carbon-Kevlar – a ridiculously lightweight yet sturdy material designed for sports cars, putting the RS III’s weight at only around 1,170 kilos. To put that in perspective, that’s even lighter than a standard edition Mini Cooper!

Veritas has actually been working on this supercar since the turn of the millennium but unsteady finances have delayed the project over and over again. Now that the company has Volkswagen behind it, the green light has been given to push the car for release some time next year.
The company has thrown the idea that it can produce around 30 cars per year. With a number of out-of-this world features in the car – including exhaust pipes located on top of the car’s tail, ingenious LED sidelights at the front, not to mention the aforementioned monster sitting under its hood - 30 just seems a tad too few for the RS III.

Veritas returns with the RS III
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Source: Times Online

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