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  • Veterans Day Special: Military Vehicle Video Compilation
    Top 5 Military Trucks. Best Military Vehicles. Armored Heavy Cars. Best Military Trucks Documentary

    In this video I will show you top 5 modern military trucks. Best and biggest military trcuks:
    5. Ural Typhoon
    4. Oshkosh m1070
    3. Oshkosh LSVR
    2. SLT 50 Elefant
    1. MZKT-79221
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  • Veterans Day Special: Military Vehicle Video Compilation
    Military Truck Challenge: Can Your Vehicle Climb Walls?

    Sept. 16 (Bloomberg) –- A $27-billion contract will be awarded to a military vehicle contractor next summer to replace the Humvee. Among the contestants is Oshkosh, the largest supplier of military trucks in the United States in 2013. Bloomberg traveled to their headquarters in Oshkosh, Wisconsin to see the three trials every truck has to pass before the military will buy them. Video by: Drew Beebe, Victoria Blackburne-Daniell (Source: Bloomberg)

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  • Veterans Day Special: Military Vehicle Video Compilation
    25 Cutting Edge Military Vehicles You Wish You Could Test Drive

    While some of these you can actually already test drive, and others already have civilian equivalents, many of them are just way too hardcore for the military to leave in civilian hands. These are 25 cutting edge military vehicles you wish you could test drive!

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    UH-19XRW Hoverwing
    Sand Cat
    The Gladiator
    Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle
    Otokar Cobra
    IAI Guardian
    LCAC trainer
    Federal Commander
    Gibbs Quadski
    Tardec RST-V
    Ultra Armored Patrol
    Chenowth Strike Vehicle
    VEPR Commander
    Fed Alpha
    Desert Patrol Buggy
    Search and Rescue Tactical Vehicle
    ZL 135
    Fast Attack Vehicle

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  • Veterans Day Special: Military Vehicle Video Compilation