Vettel Could Help Webber Win Title

We know that journalists should be objective, but we honestly would love to see Mark Webber take the title this year and it seems like he might get some help from his Red Bull teammate.

Sebastian Vettel has come out and said that he would help Webber if there was no way he could take the Formula One driver’s championship himself. If Vettel were to win, all current championship leader Fernando Alonso would need to do is come fourth, but if Webber wins, Alonso needs second place.

"In my case, it is pretty straightforward - all I can do is optimize my result, ideally repeat the result we achieved today and then it depends where those two guys are," said Vettel to the BBC.

We’ve been talking about this subject for some time now, as to whether or not the Red Bulls should work together to help Webber take the title and it’s been clear that this may just happen. That being said, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has said that if only one driver had a chance to win the title, team orders might be used.

"Of course if we find ourselves in a situation where, on the last lap, the team and one of our drivers can win the world championship, the drivers will do whatever’s necessary to ensure as a team we achieve the best result," he said to the BBC.

Alonso has said that he is 100% confident, so we’ll see during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.


Source: BBC Sport

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