Quovis is a strange car specially build o be driven directly from a wheelchair for those with reduced or impaired mobility.

Vexel Quovis
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In essence, Quovis is a smart, fully automatic city car offering all of the advantages of style, image and practicality along with unparalleled ease of access for those wishing to drive without transferring from their wheelchair. A single press of the remote control key fob instructs the rear tailgate and integral compact ramp system to immediately and smoothly deploy, affording unhindered access to the driving position where the wheelchair is solidly secured.

Vexel Quovis
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The ramp and the tailgate automatically close when you turn the ignition key. Dual electronic accelerator ‘paddles’ are mounted directly onto the steering wheel, which is in itself electronically assisted to offer super responsive power steering, whilst braking is achieved manually via an extended left hand push lever.

This vehicle is an option to the adaptations to convert a typical van or MPV to perform the same role, is cheap and offers you almost 100 miles per gallon.


Engine: 505 cc
Layout: Front transversal
Cylinders: 2 in-line produce 5000 r.p.m.
Power supply: Computer controlled fuel injection
Cooling: Liquid force
Maximum power: 15.0/ 20.4 kW/HP
Torque: Nm@r.p.m. 37@3000
Fuel: Gasoline
Alternator: 500W
Battery: 12V @ 44A/h
Transmission: Automatic Constant Velocity
Traction: Front Wheel Drive
Inverter: 1 forward gear + neutral + 1 reverse
Reduction ratio: 1/8
Brake type: Dual disc brake circuit
Front brake discs: 209 mm
Rear brake discs: 168 mm
Suspension Front: Mac Pherson Rear Independent: Pivoting Arms
Tires: Michelin 145/60 R13
Frame: Tubular steel
Control: Electric power steering (EPS)
Speed Control: Electric paddles
Braking Control: Hand Lever
Window Control: Electric power button
Chair tie-down: Electric power button
Mirror Control: Electric lever
Chair Winch Control: Key fob button
CD/ AM /FM Stereo: Button control
Air-Conditioning: Lever Control
Temperature: Dial Control
Seating: 1 @ docking station
Dimensions: Length: 2.425/ 7.96 m/ft Width: 1.527/ 5.01 m/ft
Distance between axles: 1.437/ 4.71 m/ft
Distance between Front tread: 1.285/ 4.22 m/ft
Distance between Rear tread: 1.295/ 4.25 m/ftMaximum
Loading weight: 600/ 1,323 kg/lb
Maximum front axle weight: 325/ 716.5 kg/lb

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  (714) posted on 01.27.2012

It ’s a suprising car for person with disability. It is a great innovation for a fully automatic car and has a ramp system to easily get in the car.

  (555) posted on 02.21.2010

Well that’s pretty neat, does it have an extra passenger seat though? If it were just for the city, it would be alright but not for high speed highways. It will be too dangerous for it.

  (1) posted on 08.30.2009

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  (1) posted on 07.27.2008

Hi all, same as metro48 for me. I’ve been trying to buy a Quovis since several years without success.. To my knowledge, spanish have sold the Quovis company to the United States where there are a few dealers. I wrote to all the dealers, but they didn’t even had the courtesy to answer me. This is disappointing, it’s a nice product, I’m para and I have a quad friend who’s interested in driving with the joystick formula.

  (1) posted on 07.22.2008

I note that this was posted relatively recently. I have been trying to find out about buying a vexel quovis but have been told that the factory in Spain has stopped manufacturing them. I would be interested to hear of anybody who has any contrary news, and also to hear from somebody who ownes one, and how they have got on with it.

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